Welcome to OlenaRosanne


Welcome to OlenaRosanne!

Happy New Year Everyone! I’m glad you made it to OlenaRosanne.  I hope you decide to join my Rose Garden by subscribing today!

I Run On Faith Clothing

Changes are in the atmosphere people! I’ve had this Now or Never attitude lately so I am continuing to Step Out on Faith .  With that said, I started a Faith-Based t-shirt line October 2017.

Also  I started my first Facebook Group, The Advocacy Garden December 2017.  I am here to tell you it is POSSIBLE to step out of your comfort zone! Do OlenaRosanne a favor, if you are not already practicing a form of self-care, now is the time to start.  Need a suggestion? Click here.

Question to you: Do you Wrap on Wrap Wednesday?  Want to know what I’m talking about? Well, click here.

Join Me for Wrap Wednesday each week
Wrap Wednesday

October 10, 2017  was World Mental Health Day.  This subject matter is near and dear to my heart.  It’s important that we take care of ourselves and the ones around us. Read more about it here. 

Promote Self-Care

Have you heard of Influenster? Well it’s an influencer network where you can find the latest beauty trends, read honest reviews on products, and receive special offers. These offers include FREE products!  Yes, you read that right!  So if you are interested in joining OlenaRosanne and many other influencers for free, click on my special link here. Or go to www.influenster.com/r/3049734

Check Me Out Elsewhere!

Catch up with OlenaRosanne through the week on Instagram for almost daily posts, Twitter, Snapchat, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook. Join me each Wednesday for Wrap Wednesday.  The hair  on your head adds to your invisible natural crown. Try adding a stylish wrap to the mix and your crown will become take on a life of it’s own! For more information on Wrap Wednesday click here.

Wrap Wednesday
Happy Wrap Wednesday!

and don’t forget about my weekly Fro Friday!! After a long week, who doesn’t want to just let their hair down! Better yet, as my mantra goes, 

Pick those fros up and out, and

give them something to talk about!

Fro Friday
Join me for Fro Friday!

If you think of any questions, suggestions, or for business inquiries just leave a comment, or  email me at olenabrackett75@gmail.com.  If you haven’t already subscribed to OlenaRosanne, make sure you do so for frequent blog posts!


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