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Welcome to OlenaRosanne everyone!  Did you do anything fun this Summer?   Are you ready or Fall?  Well,  guess what? Whether you are ready or not, Fall is here people!!! 

October 10, 2017  is World Mental Health Day.  This subject matter is near and dear to my heart.  Find out why here
October is Breast Health Awareness Month.  Women are you checking your boobies regularly in the shower?  Also if you are of age, have you received your yearly mammogram?  Well I did, check it out in my recent YouTube Video 

OlenaRosanne has been dabbling in makeup way more than I used to Curlfriends. This is partly due to a makeup group I’m part of on Instagram  called, ‘The Beauty Skool Dropouts’.  This group of highly encouraging, motivating, and gorgeous ladies are truly something special!  Check us out here.  You can also search for our makeup looks  by using  the tag #thebeautyskooldropouts  on Instagram.

Do you see what I mean?
So let me tell you why the above photo got 55 likes in 3 hours! Its partly due to Influenster.  Influenster is a network I’m part of that is where you can find the latest beauty trends, read honest reviews on products, and receive special offers. These offers include FREE products!  Yes you read that right!  So if you are interested in joining OlenaRosanne and many others for free, click on my special link here. Or go to www.influenster.com/r/3049734
Catch up with OlenaRosanne through the week on Instagram for almost daily posts, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook. Join me each week for Wrap Wednesday.  We all know our hair is our natural crown, but adding a stylish wrap to the mix makes your crown even more regal.  For more information on Wrap Wednesday click here.
and don’t forget about Fro Friday!! After a long week, who doesn’t want to just let their hair down! Better yet, as I always say, ” Pick those fros up and out, and give them something to talk about!” 
Last but not least if you didn’t already know, I’m a mother of 2 boys: 23 and 9.  So you know I was excited with I got the honor of telling my #selflovemama  story by participating in Nikita Hudson’s  Mother’s Day  Blog  Series!!!  Check out my first guest blog post, here.

So anyway if you think of any questions, suggestions, or for business inquiries just leave a comment, or  email.  And if you haven’t already subscribed to OlenaRosanne, make sure you do so for frequent blog posts!


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