1st Product Review

Who/what is Jane Carter Solution ??  Let me tell you.  Jane Carter Solution, the brand – was created by Jane Carter, who is the founder/CEO & Sole formulator.  She has been in the hair care business for over 20 years as a professional stylist/salon owner.  But what drew me to her vast array of products is the fact that she has been a colorist for over 20 years as well.

“At Jane Carter Solution we believe hair isn’t defined by ethnicity or race, it is defined by hair type and texture…fine, medium or coarse, straight, wavy, curly or coily.  Our goal is to help you to simplify your hair care routine and love the hair you wear!”  Jane Carter, Founder & CEO

Since my hair is color treated, I  wanted to purchase products from a master of color of course!Jane Carter Solution

So when I noticed Jane Carter Solution was having a sale on their Curl Defining Cream at 75% off in December 2016 I did not dare pass it up!  I ended up purchasing both the Curl Defining Cream and the Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner.

Once my package arrived I was immediately impressed by the way the products were individually shrink wrapped, ensuring the customer the product wasn’t tampered with.  The label is cheery and inviting in the color yellow with a sunflower.  Before I had a chance to smell the products already assumed the scent would be floral because of the sunflower.

I liked how the conditioning spray, sprayed out evenly for a thorough distribution.  But let me tell you the smell of the spray was indeed  floral. In my opinion it took me by surprise because I wasn’t expecting it to be so strong….but….if you enjoy floral scents/perfumes you will be just fine with it (thankfully the scent dissipated quickly).  Anyway I did like the way the spray made my hair feel. It felt soft and moisturized.  After looking at the list of natural ingredients I felt really good about my choice in product.  I mean you can’t go wrong with aloe, chamomile and orange (to name a few). Right?

As for the Curl Defining Cream,  I absolutely love the applicator! I love the fact that I don’t have to hold the container in my hand at all to get product out.  I can just pump out the amount I want and apply it to my hair. The consistency of the cream is thick so you don’t have to worry about the product being too runny or watered down. I applied the product to my hair using the praying hands motion and was pleased to see it did not leave a white residue on my hair!  I was also overjoyed that it had a pleasant clean scent that was not overpowering. My hair was soft, hydrated,  shiny and bouncy without looking weighed down.

So I then braided my hair into 5 braids And the next day had a lovely braid-out! Overall I am very pleased with my purchase.  So if you are looking for something new, check out Jane Carter Solutions!  Have you tried Jane’s products before?  What are your thoughts? Let me know, ok?

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