Skin Lightening – The Sad Truth

There is an outrageous number of women and men in the world who still think skin lightening is OK. The sad truth is, they are not OK with the person they see when they look in the mirror.  Sadly, it doesn’t seem to matter enough that people are losing their lives over this! People are becoming sick from the chemicals in these skin lightening treatments and products and it’s horrible!

The Skin Lightening Truth

Let’s keep it real. No one looks in the mirror at birth and decides: My skin is too dark!  We are all human, and learn by example. Colorism has spread like cancer through history due to slavery, taught self-hate, and low self-esteem that has never been corrected.  Manufacturers and companies have reaped the benefits of this in the form of dollar signs! Unfortunately, this just added fuel to the fire, and the epidemic of skin lightening continued to spread.

The sad truth is, it has been said by people in Africa and Asia,

“lighter-skinned woman are considered more beautiful, are believed to be more successful and more likely to find marriage.” 

I don’t believe those lies for a moment!

Skin lightening is even huge in India.  There are popular step-by-step videos on YouTube to prove this point. And, please don’t get me started on the United States!

We, as a world, need to get it together!  It’s time to look in the mirror and address our own individual issues.  Then,  truly comprehend that we are all different shades of melanin. Most importantly,  ALL shades are beautiful!

I personally love the skin I was born with.  I’m proud of it. I marinated for 9 months in my mama’s womb while this chocolate-toned skin developed.  During the first month after birth, God continued to work on me.  He made sure the skin on my body, matched the rich melanin of the tips of my ears.  It’s a blessing, not a curse!

Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go in the fight against skin lightening. But don’t fret, there is hope! Numerous media outlets have finally decided to wake up!  It’s wonderful to see magazine covers, commercials, TV shows and movies with women, men, and children showcasing their natural beauty. Employees and students are fighting for their right to wear cultural attire and sport the curls they were born with.  I believe the strength of the natural hair community had rubbed off on others, and it makes me feel so proud!

How can you Help?

Do you know someone who regularly has skin lighting treatments, uses skin lighting creams, or is having thoughts of lightening their skin?  If so, we need to treat this like the epidemic it is.  The responsible thing to do is teach by positive example.  Let those around you hear how much you love the skin you were born with.  Let’s teach self-love wherever we go, OK?

Please read, like, and share this blog post. Sometimes change doesn’t happen until it’s right up in someone’s face! So pass it on.

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