The 4th of July and Your Hair

Have you ever worried about your curls catching on fire?  Well, let me ease some of your worries about the 4th of July and Your Hair.

The 4th of July can be fun!  Who doesn’t like fireworks?  Aren’t they beautiful?  What’s not beautiful is the chance of a spark hitting your head.  Trust me, if the Legendary Michael Jackson was alive (RIP) I think he would agree!

So curlfriends, do me a favor, and please keep your hair hydrated!  First off, this should already be part of your natural hair regimen. That is, if you if you want  moisturized and healthy hair!  The best way to hydrate your hair is with water.  Have you ever wondered why it’s suggested to water your grass or bushes if you are going to be light up fireworks on the 4th?   Well, when you think about it, doesn’t that make sense for your hair as well?

Your hair, just like your body, can catch fire easily if you are not playing it safe!  This is just facts.   But, we can prevent the extent of the burning once something hot touches our hair or body.  So, what can we do to prevent the degree of the burn?  Well,  keeping your hair hydrated will slow down the burning.  Any little bit helps!  If you’re anything like me, I don’t trust where the sparks from fireworks are going to land anyway!  Can I get an Amen?!

So, how do you include water, and  still be cute while you’re celebrating the 4th of July?

Try these styles:

  • Braids – A protective style that can be sprayed with water without ruining your look.
  • A Wig –  Keeping it real, it can be thrown off your head in a hot second!
  • An Afro – It  allows you to wet your hair as much as you want!
  • Single Strand Twists or Flat Twist Updo – A protective style that can be sprayed with water without ruining your look.
  • Wash and Go – Can be refreshed at anytime with water.


Now do you what I mean?  The 4th of July and your hair can be fun and safe!  How will you be styling your hair for the 4th of July curlfriends?  Let me know, and enjoy your holiday!

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