5 Hairstyles for the Bored Naturalista

Who doesn’t get bored with their hair?  I do.  Do you?  Instead of getting frustrated to the point of cutting off all your hair why not just try a new hairstyle, that doesn’t involve scissors .  Take a look at these  5 Hairstyles for the Bored Naturalista.

Braids – Whether you decide to add in additional hair for length & fullness, or use the hair God gave you, braid are here to stay.  Whether your hair is cornrowed, braided into an updo, bun, or long box braids to your butt, braids ALWAYS turn heads. What a way to show your own personal style! Just don’t blame me when folks start coming to you asking if you braid it up every night!

Beads –  No you don’t have to be little girl to where beads anymore nor do you have to be living in the 70’s.  Beads have made a giant comeback.  Remember when Alicia Keys first came out, and the braided hairstyles she had? That’s what I’m talking about! The more colors and styles of bead you can find, the better.  Whether you want to go for plastic, acrylic, or wooden beads, decorating your braids, or twists with these will surely turn heads! Don’t forget, it’s a great conversation starter!

Color – If your anything like me, color is just part of who you are.  It’s a way to express yourself without words. So why not use color in your hair?  Popular colors on natural hair are blond, red, and purple.  But don’t let that limit you, I am now seeing pink, green, and blue out and about.  You don’t have to  color your own hair.  Go get a wig, crochet braids, clip-in, box braids, or a temporary color spray to added a little pizzazz to your hairstyles! Also, add color with clips, beads, hats, beads, or flower to glam up any hair style. My own personal favorite is headwraps. I have gotten a number of people to follow along with me every Wednesday for what I call “Wrap Wednesday”.  The more colorful and funky the headwrap, the better. Not sure how to tie a headwrap? Well don’t worry, I have videos to help you out.

The Afro – When all else fails your natural afro will always be there when you need it!  There is nothing extra you need to do to achieve this hairstyle. Just let your hair go.  The afro doesn’t have to be perfect.  Embrace the frizz!  I can’t even count how many compliments I get on my afro every week. And you know what? Most of the people complimenting me  on my hairstyle are not people of color!  Need I say anymore!  Or hair naturally grows with additional height.  So why not use that height to your advantage.  An Afro is hardly boring!  As I say every Friday, “Pick those fros up & out and give them something to talk about!”

Locs – Now if you’re at the point in your life where you feel like you have tried everything, or you want a more permanent option to braids or twists.  Or if you want to see how long your hair can really get, consider getting locs as a hairstyle. If you just want to try them out, get faux locs.  I had permanent locs  for several years and let me tell you everything you do with your hair now you can do to locs.  You can curl, braid, put them in a bun, and my favorite add loc jewelry.  It is lower maintenance, but not no maintenance.   Also having locs is great way to re-educate others on their idea of locs in general as a hairstyle.

In Conclusion

 I hope this gave the bored Naturalista’s out there a few hairstyle ideas. Have you tried any of the above style options?  Do you have any ideas you have considered, but still  don’t know if you should go for it or not?  Well here’s your push – Go For It.

Let me know what you think.  Don’t forget to like, share, comment, and subscribe.  Until next time Curlfriends!

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  1. Summer sure feels like its over 🙁 on this side anyway: DMV..
    “When all else fails your natural afro will always be there when you need it!” – Yes ma’am!

    Thanks for sharing! xx

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