5 Wash and Go Tips & Truths

So, you want to wear a Wash and Go, but you had no idea wearing one wasn’t as simple as just washing and going. Real thought must go into showing off the curls you were born with! Is it worth it?  Will you be able to embrace the curls you were born with? Are your curls not acting right, according to you? Below are some tips and truths to help you out.

  • Seal to prevent single strand knots

Sigh…. The thought of Single Strand Knots a.k.a SSK’s a.k.a Lil Nightmares – is just enough to give me a headache. They will ruin the look or feel of any hairstyle.  So, what is the best way to combat these little horrors?  Seal. In. Moisture.  Is it as simple as that?  No not really. Everyone’s hair is different and your hair porosity has a lot to do with it. It takes time to master the art of moisturizing your hair properly. I personally deep condition weekly in hopes of locking in as much moisture into my hair cuticles as possible.  Also, make sure you are sealing in your leave in conditioner of choice by doing the LOC Method: Leave-in/Liquid, Oil, and Cream; or the LCO Method –  Leave-in/Liquid, Cream, and Oil.  If your hair is dry and brittle, then YOU are going to have to revamp YOUR sealing technique!  Right?  Right.

  • Shrinkage means healthy hair

Don’t be alarmed, but if your hair is healthy, it will shrink like it has never done before when wearing a Wash and Go! The first reason it obvious, your hair is no longer straight, it’s curly.  But the other reason is healthy hair has more elasticity then it’s unhealthy, damaged cousin.  So, either embrace the shrinkage or opt for a heat -free way of stretching your hair as shown below.



  • Find damaged ends. Then search and destroy

Wearing a Wash and Go is a great way to find damaged ends. Why?  Because any damaged strands of hair will stand out like a dandelion in a of dozen roses. Those damaged ends are going to be the ones that are hanging there limp, straight, and just downright ugly!  Now it’s time to search and destroy.  Yes! Find those damaged ends, cut those bad boys off!  While you are cutting away make sure you put a smile on your face because you are improving the health of your hair!


  • Wash and Go’s change throughout your natural hair journey

Yes indeed, I know this for a fact!  Whether you just did a big chop, transitioning, or recuperating from heat/color damage.  Wash and Go’s are never a best in the beginning.  Your hair must go through training just like an Olympic medalist.  Your hair must actually learn what to do without those dead ends holding it down like weights. Have patience, it may take a few months, but you WILL see your full curl potential at some point.

  • Every Wash and Go is different

Every Wash and Go is different.  Your hair is unique.  Hair will grow out of your own scalp the way God intended it to.  Pay attention: Your hair type, porosity, and density is not the same as anyone on earth!   Even sisters with the same parents have different curls. Stop comparing your curls to the girl on YouTube, Instagram, or homegirl down the street!   She is not you and you are not her!  Learn to embrace what is yours and no one else’s.  Once you do, you will automatically hold your God given crown a little higher!

So, there you have it.  Let me know what you think.  Was this blog post helpful?  Do you feel better now?  If so please like, comment, share, and of course subscribe.  I have a lot more to talk about and I don’t want you to miss out!

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