Listen, I Run On Faith

I have been asked over and over:  How do you do it? Or, I don’t see how you do it!  I used to reply by saying, “I don’t know!”  or “I do it for my kids.” But the truth be told, my faith keeps me going.  Yes people, I Run on Faith.

I Run On Faith
A few from the I Run On Faith Collection. Available now.

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you’ve seen the recent birth of my, “I Run on Faith” Collection.   Those who know me personally, and those who have followed my story for the past 3 years via Instagram, have an idea of what the words “I Run on Faith” mean to me.

Trust me, this is not about some marketing strategy to get more followers or subscribers. Nor, is this about capitalizing on the holiday shoppers surfing the internet right now.  So, don’t get it twisted! This is about the life of Olena Rosanne.  This is about how I honestly survive from one day to the next.

In The Beginning

Roughly, 3 years ago I started my Instagram account as a means of reading the inspirational quotes from others going through the same struggles I was going through at the time.  Three years ago, high-stress and anxiety required my attention and ultimately took me out of the 9-5 atmosphere.  I was in a deep, dark place and those quotes were what I needed to begin realizing I was not the only one in the world suffering, and that I didn’t have to suffer alone.  At a later date, I will delve further into that time of my life.

I am also a mother of 2 kings.  At the time of this blog post, they are 23 and 9 years old.  One of my children has special needs that are extremely difficult, to say the least. That will be a post for another day, because I could go on and on about why I Run On Faith.

I Run On Faith
Listen…. I Run On Faith

Anyway, my boys have always seen me struggle in some way, shape, or form. Through some impossible times!  But, they also have seen with their own eyes and heard how much my faith is God always gets me through.  Faith is no a stranger in my home, and in my opinion, faith shouldn’t be a stranger in yours.

The Inspiration Behind I Run On Faith

The inspirational Instagram quotes (along with Gospel music and The Bible) ministered to me years ago.  I want to praise God and share my ministry with the world as well. Which is why I decided to start this blog and my YouTube channel close to 1 year ago.

I Run On Faith
I didn’t come this far to only come this far. I Run On Faith.

Yes, I believe I am living proof of what faith can do.  Faith promotes personal growth and healing without an expiration date.  Yes, I still struggle day to day, and each day I Run On Faith.  Trust and believe I know where my help comes from!  I am not afraid to say it, and will shout it from the rooftops. I Run on Faith!

If you can relate to this, please like, comment, share, and subscribe.  I pray this will touch at least one person.  If you are interested in checking out my I Run On Faith Collection further, please click here.

Until next time Roses!

#BuyBlack is for ALL Colors, Right?

No, I’m not crazy, and no I’m not trying to be controversial. But, let’s keep it real. Would you ONLY accept money from black people?  Or, would you rather receive money from ALL people.  What does the hashtag #BuyBlack mean to you?

Today is Black Friday, November 24, 2017.  All over the world people are trying to catch some of the biggest sales of the year.  This also is the time of the year that new entrepreneurs and small businesses are trying to climb up the entrepreneurial ladder. Marketing is at an all time high because everyone is doing the most to make that beloved dollar.  The problem is, I see a lot of small businesses selling themselves short.

Learn to Lead Yourself, Before you Attempt to Lead Others.

As a black woman, stepping my pinky  toe out into entrepreneurial waters is scary.  As an introvert I am in the process of learning not to be so shy about marketing.  I am also learning that I in no shape, way, or form want to sell myself short.  As a Black woman using the hashtag #BuyBlack is great to promote my products. I love my people, but have we thought about how it could be misinterpreted by other ethnicities who are contemplating spending their dollars with you?


I see a lot of tweets, posts, and meme’s about Buying Black.  It’s great and promotes a sense of unity among black people who do/don’t already support their own race. It’s true, that we (black people) have habitually supported every other ethnic group before our own.  Sad but true.

Hair Will Come and Go But Your CROWN Remains!

It’s my belief that the #BuyBlack hashtag was created to open each other’s eyes to what we as consumers were doing.  Problem is, there are some black entrepreneurs, who just expect black people to drop what they are doing and support their business based on skin color alone. Ummm no!  That’s not how real-life works honey.  Newsflash!!  A black business will not survive on just black consumers alone!

In my world, you may happen to be black and I might actually support you.  But, I have other reasons as well as to why I may or may not choose to #BuyBlack.

  • If you haven’t singled anyone out, you’ve caught my eye
  • You’re a true entrepreneur.
  • You are a business here for the long haul, not just during major holiday seasons.
  • Your work ethic is impressive
  • I truly want to support you as a person.

So, as you get ready to spend your hard-earned dollars this black Friday, I challenge you to put a little more thought into the businesses you choose to support.

Are you ready to make a change?

Consumers: Do you choose to purchase from a business just because they used the #BuyBlack hashtag in their social media marketing?  Entrepreneurs:  Do you cater your marketing towards only one race, demographic, or culture? Let me know down below. Also, please like and share because knowledge is power.

Talk to you later!

Do You Wrap for Wrap Wednesday?

Wrap Wednesday is something I started doing on my Instagram page about 2 years ago.   If you follow me  on Instagram, you’re probably used to me showcasing the wrap I’m wearing for that day, along with the mantra I created to go with it.

My Wrap Wednesday Mantra

Lift your head high

like the Royalty you are,

It’s Wrap Wednesday y’all!

Head Wraps are Awesome!

Whether you call it a wrap, head wrap, turban or scarf.  Wednesday is the day to show it off.  Wear you wrap proud.  Give everyone something creative and colorful to look at.  Let them stare at you in awe as you hold your head high and walk by like the royalty you are!

I take pride in showing the world the natural beauty that comes from wrapping a piece of material on my head. Head wraps have stood the test of time.  From ancient Africa, through slavery,  and so on.  It has been a symbol of modesty, power, strength, faith, fashion, beauty and royalty.

It’s a Protective Style

Now of course before you put on that wrap please remember to give your hair some TLC with some  LOC= Liquid, Oil, Cream or LOCO =  Liquid, Oil, Cream, Oil. Locking in moisture is a must, even when your hair is covered.   Wraps are great protective styles, but it does no good if your strands are dying of thirst underneath!

I’m always asked, “How do you do that?” or ” I want to wear a wrap but I don’t know how to.”  My answer is I just make it up as I go.  Don’t worry, there are no head wrap judges walking the streets and you won’t get a ticket if it doesn’t look a certain way! All you have to do is  wrap, tie, and tuck any which way you want.  There is no certain way to tie a head wrap. Just do what feels right to you.  It’s YOUR work of art!

Continued Inspiration

I plan to continue sharing with you my personal pictures on Wrap Wednesday as head wrap inspiration.  And of course continue head wrap tutorials from time to time on my YouTube Channel.  So stay tuned.

Do you wear head wraps?  Do you want to, but haven’t tried yet?  Let me know!


Let The Thanksgiving Memes Begin!

November is here, and so are Thanksgiving Memes! I’m excited to say the least.  What can I say, reality is just funny sometimes.  The  things that make us laugh till we can’t breathe originate from the true stories of other people!  Truth hurts!

Let’s Just Keep It Real About Thanksgiving Memes

Whether, it’s a funny phrase, facial expression, or an ugly sweater.  Someone said it, made that expression, or came up with the idea for that ugly sweater! So when you see a meme specifically targeting that funny experience, with a picture to back it up, it’s hilarious! 
Anything goes when it comes to Thanksgiving memes.  What do I mean by that you ask? Everyone of us have had a catty, sassy, or sarcastic thought that has come to mind.  Picture those thoughts plastered above a funny picture or video.  You can’t tell me that’s not funny!  Everyone has a family member, co-worker, or friend who always says the funniest things, with a straight face! Or, maybe it’s just me…. Help me out people!! LOL

Anyway, last November, I spent hours upon hours laughing till my cheeks were sore at the Thanksgiving Memes posted by people on Instagram and Pinterest.  It was so bad , I know I  annoyed my boys will all my noise.  Every so often I would look up, gasping for air with my youngest looking at me as if I was crazy! LOL  As for my oldest,  I’m sure he got sick of me interrupting him a new Thanksgiving meme every two  minutes while he was busy trying to be a grown man-child.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the things we are truly thankful for.  What are you thankful for?  Immediately what comes to mind is our health, family, and friends.  It’s also a time when stress and anxiety is at an all time high!  November is also a cold and dreary month.  What better way to perk up, then to scroll through hilarious Thanksgiving Memes that are sure  to turn your frown upside down!

Are you ready for some laughs?  Well I am!

Crown Thieves

Beware! Crown Thieves are everywhere! They are the people and situations in your life that are determined to steal your invisible crown.  They are also the people in your life that are knowingly or unknowingly tipping your crown to the side by their actions.

What’s an invisible crown you ask?

Well let me break it down like this:

You were born into royalty whether you believe it or not.

Royalty = human race.

At birth you were given this invisible crown.

Your Life = Your invisible crown.

Have I lost you?

OK, for those that are still with me, let me explain my definition of a crown thief.

The first definition that come to mind for me, is the devil, himself!  He is all things evil and his goal is to basically ruin your life! And if he gets what he wants, he will take it altogether!

Next in line, are the people we can’t stand. Simply put, the haters.  Or even worse, the people we love.  Sad but true.

These are the people in your life that hate to see you succeed in anything.  People who seem to have something negative to say about ANYTHING positive in your life!  The ones who are so stuck on their own ego that they can’t even see past the tips of their own noses! People who have caused you to put up brick walls around your heart. The ones who have you wondering if there are any good people left in the world  People who chose to lie until they don’t even remember the truth! The ones who have you explaining yourself till you’ve literally have high blood pressure, and are wracked with depression. Yep, you know…. People that smile in your face and then begin stabbing you in the back before your back is even halfway turned.

Crown Thieves are also the situations in life that have the power to break us down to our cores, if we don’t learn skills to help build up our armor.  For example:

  • The failed relationship in-between friends or loved ones.
  • That job that was given to the slacker instead of the hard worker
  • Drug and alcohol dependency
  • Mental illness or special needs.
What can we do to fight against Crown Thieves?

First come to terms with the fact that Crown Thieves are part of life. They come around to test our strength, and it is up to us to use whatever we have in our toolkit to fight them off.  Use tools like:

  • Prayer
  • Animals
  • Books
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Teachers
  • Therapy
  • Social Media

To share our thoughts and brainstorm with like-minded individuals. Hug or pet that animal that loves you regardless of what you go through. Love on that child or trusted family member that will be there for you even when your world feels like it’s falling apart. Share what you have learned with open-minded people who crave knowledge just as much as you do.

But most of all, remember that Crown Thieves may make your crown slip a little.  Crown Thieves  may even be playing tug-of-war in-between your crown and 2 hairs on your head.  But you DON’T have to give it up! Better yet, tell yourself you will NOT give it up! I won’t let you give up!  If I have to write a post – a week to convince you that you are powerful,  I will.  I am going to share with you what I am learning about myself, and pass it on the best way I can.  We are all in this together.

By the way. Above is a video of lyrics to a song I love.  Listen to if for a second, or sing along.  Whatever you do, just pay close attention to the lyrics.  Share with me your thoughts, then have a great day.

Talk to you later.

My Pain Another’s Inspiration

So, I just got home from one of my many appointments of the week – my Parenting Group.  The more I attend this group, the more I realize, my pain is another’s inspiration.

Before you get ready to disagree, give me a chance to explain.

For example, off and on in my life I’ve been deathly afraid of driving my car for many reasons. Most of those reasons are, “What If’s” like:

  • What if someone hits my car?
  • What if there is a drunk driver on the road?
  • What if there’s a racist cop on the road looking to make me an “example”
  • What if I encounter road rage?
  • What if my many worries overwhelm me during driving, and I run a red light?
  • What if I get a flat tire?

People, “What If’s” create worries, that can lead to uncontrolled anxiety. Uncontrolled anxiety can lead to seclusion and depression.  Something I struggle with, daily.  So, trust me, I know what I’m talking about!

I had no idea that my pain in dealing with my “What If’s” and my debilitating fear of driving, could be someone else’s inspiration. That is until, I spoke about it in my Parenting Group.

One of the topics today was to share something you were proud of this week.  I decided to share my fear of driving and how I have overcome it ( for the moment.)   I advised that what I call “required appointments”,  has force me to get out of the house. And the more got out of the house, the more driving became easier for me.

For example, a “required appointment” for me would be:

  • A meeting at my son’s school
  • Agreeing to have my son’s counseling sessions at the counseling center instead of at my home as they have been in the past.
  • Scheduling more frequent therapy sessions with my own therapist instead of the standard bi-monthly appointments.

The point I’m trying to make is because I have increased the amount of “required appointments” outside of my home, my requirement to drive increased.  So instead of anxiety about my driving “what if’s” I became obsessed with getting to these appointments on-time (something that is very important to me)

Today I realized how proud of myself I was for making it over this hurdle called – driving. But I also realized I am capable of positive change.  Even if it is temporary.   I also learned  change is inspiring. Not only to me, but to others, Which, I found out after the feedback from other’s in the Parenting Group.

Other’s in the group expressed feelings of hope.  That it is possible to change the worst of our own feelings and actions.  Also, that there really is a bright light at the end of the tunnel!

As people, we crave acknowledgement whether we realize it or not.  The fact that I now know my pain is another’s inspiration is invigorating! I walked out of today’s Parenting Group feeling like my pain is part of my purpose here on earth.  I was proud of even sharing my fear of driving in the first place! But, to know that others had compassion for me and  found the outcome inspiring, was truly special.

I hope my story can inspire you as well.  Please remember you are not alone in your difficulties.  Please try not to be so hard on yourself today and remember whatever pain you are experiencing will inspire others later.

Have a great day!


New Season Means New Photos

Now that the new season is upon us, it’s time to start thinking about getting those new photos ready!  Are you a local entrepreneur, blogger, or youtuber, in need of new photos for your business, blog, or YouTube Channel? Do you need new photos to pass out to family members during the upcoming holiday season?  Are you seriously ready to get your glam started, but don’t want boring, cookie-cutter, mall photos?  Well I know the perfect photographer for you!
No, you don’t have to fly to New York or Los Angeles just to get quality photos when we have our own Queen of Photography right here in the NW!

Check it Out!

I am happy to announce that Kariba Jack of Kariba Photography will be in the Portland/Metro area from October 24-27th.  She will be offering mini-photo sessions and head shots.  The head shot package will be  $100 for a total of  10 head shot images, and the mini-photo session package will be $200 for a total of  20 images.
 Kariba is a beautiful, social butterfly who not only owns and operates Kariba Photography, but is also a Naturalista, Philanthropist, and  the creator of the Seattle Naturals Extravaganza which I attended this past May 2017 If you are ready to laugh, in-between photos, contact Kariba at: or through her Facebook business page: 
So no more procrastinating.  I was to see some amazing new photos people!


Natural in the NW

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