Chocolate Kinks & Kurls Product Review

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a product review on the blog, but get ready! Today, I’m reviewing Chocolate Kinks & Kurls.

The black-owned business, Chocolate Kinks & Kurls, has been around since 2012. Juanita Henderson, better known as “The Kurl Koach” decided to do “The Big Chop” and started this wonderful business to encourage and inspire not only her daughter, but other naturalistas as well.

I had the pleasure of receiving 4 hair products from the Chocolate Kinks & Kurls product line.  They were sent to me by my Instagram Curlfriend @iamamazinglynatural to try.  Let me tell you,  I was so excited to try the products! I found out later,  Chocolate Kinks & Kurls was well worth the excitement.

The Products

Alma Island Fluff Deep Conditioner  featuring Aloe & Babassu Oil

This product smells like Alma oil, fruit, and coconut…Yum!  Castor oil the first ingredient.  This product had my curls juicy, shiny, and moisturized.

 Detangling Aloe & Babassu Oil Leave In Conditioner

This product smells like candy to me! It has Distilled water, Sweet Almond oil, and Marshmallow Root in it just to name a few.  It melted into my curls and spread nicely providing all the slip I needed to detangle my had effortlessly.

Avocado Twist & Kurl Defining Pudding

This product smelled and looked good enough to eat! It contained Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, and Apricot oil just to name a few. The consistency was exactly like vanilla pudding.  I had no problem spreading it evenly through my curls.  The moisture in this product alone will have you smiling from ear to ear!

Island Seal & Shine Glaze

Honestly, I was a initially worried about this product only because it contains beeswax.  I was afraid of build up.  But let me tell you, my fear melted away quickly.  This product gave my curls a special touch of gloss and shine that had me pleasantly surprised.  My hair felt so smooth while installing two-strand twists.  Once done, I felt confident that all the moisturizing ingredient used  were nicely sealed in.

Final Thoughts

I strongly suggest you give Chocolate Kinks & Kurls  a try if you haven’t already.  I know, for a fact I will be purchasing more products in the future.  The owner is a naturalista who is funny, warm, and authentic! She is a mom and who is spreading love and encouragement through her business.  I can’t help but support her I I hope you all do as well.  Please visit her at any of the below links:

Until next time Curlfriends!


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Kinks & Kurls Product Review”

  1. This sounds great. I’m growing my hair out now after cutting it low for God knows how long. The trouble I’m having now if finding a product that maintains shine ALL day. I’m tired of wetting my hair at work to keep the look lol

    1. Thank you Queen. I would suggest making sure you have an oil+water mix handy to spray on your hair each day. Also give Shea Butter a try. It smells good, will give you sheen, and is moisturizing!

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