Coloring Your Curls

Autumn will be here soon.  Have you thought about changing the color of your curls with the season change?  Well I am, so I thought I would pass on a few things to remember when coloring your curls.

The overall health of your hair is important. At all times.  It’s even more important when you are thinking about coloring your curls. Make sure you are keeping up with your water intake.  If your body is not properly hydrated, then your hair won’t be.  Hydrated and moisturized hair is highly important when coloring your hair because hair color naturally dries it out.  No one wants dry, brittle hair!  Also, make it a practice to deep condition your hair Every Wash Day (including a protein treatment monthly).

I highly recommend having a consultation with a hair stylist that specializes in coloring natural hair.  The standard stylist will not do, unless they are properly educated on natural hair health AND coloring natural hair.

Now if you chose to color your hair yourself remember you are taking a chance of an allergic reaction, the color not coming out the way you want it, or your hair falling out!  Yep, don’t sound good do it!

Coloring your curls can be a wonderful experience!  It’s a way to express your own individuality.  You can play it safe with just going a few shades lighter than your natural color.  Or, you can go all out with bold colors like blond, turquoise, bright red, or fuchsia.   Yes, color is so much fun in my opinion!   It’s a conversation piece.  Also it’s an additional gem to add to the crown you carry around daily Kings & Queens.

Whatever you choose to do, put some serious thought into it.  Whether you chose temporary spray-on color, a rinse, henna, semi-permanent, or permanent color do your research first. Weigh the pros & cons.  Then have fun!

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