Don’t Sleep on the NW Part 2 featuring LaNesha Lee

Like I said before people, Don’t Sleep on the NW.  Oregon is full of talented people who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others through hair and makeup.  In part 2, of the Don’t Sleep in the NW  I decided to feature another gem of the NW, the beautiful, birthday girl, LaNesha Lee.  (For part 1, click here)

LaNesha is someone I’ve known for years.  She is someone who treated me as family from the moment I met her.  LaNesha sincerely loves the people she connects with, and is blessed with the grace of a lady that is undeniable.   From her business, Barbra Jean Kollection to her job and  education, It’s clear LaNesha Lee is a focused professional, who does not shy away from educating and inspiring others. I am so thankful that this busy young lady agreed to answer a few questions about herself.  Read on, for instant inspiration:

  • Briefly give your background story?

Hello, my name is LaNesha Lee. I was born in Vicksburg, MS and moved to Portland, OR in 1987. I’ve had love for hair since I was little girl.  I remember playing in my dolls hair, my mom hair, and even my uncles hair (putting rubber bands and ALOT of grease in it). When I graduated from high school I knew then I wanted to pursue doing hair, so I attended Beau Monde Beauty Collage.  There I took classes on hair, esthetics, and nails. As time passed, I found myself in a new career path, due to needing money to take care of family (which is very important to me). So, I had to put school on hold, and started working a 40hr per week, 9-5 job. Fast forward to today, I found I didn’t want to give up on the beauty industry.   I know I have the gift and passion to make people smile, look, and feel good all at the same time. I’m now a Pharmacy Tech, currently working for Providence Hospital. However, I always seem to find my happiness in the Beauty Industry. Now that I’m in a healthy place in my life, I re-enrolled into Beauty College, but now it’s at Pagans Cosmetology School. I believe being in the Health Care Industry falls hand and hand with the Cosmetology Industry.  They both give me more insight into my clients, and as well as myself on healthy hair and skin care. My Goal is to bring awareness to healthy lifestyle, whether it’s hair, skin, or nails.

  • What initially sparked your interest in hair & makeup?

I feel beauty (hair, makeup, skin care, etc.) is a gift that God has given me. I see hair and makeup as an art. I love different skin tones and hair textures.  Having a vision to change or enhance someone’s beauty GIVES ME LIFE.

  • What/who inspires you?

Well, you know the saying it takes a village to raise a child, for me, it’s a village who has inspired me. Let’s start with the WHAT’s – What inspires me is cleanliness, neatness, and passion. When I see a Salon that is presentable, it inspires me to grow. It inspires me to be on top of my business goal: To intrigue and impress clients.  Showing clients how neat and professional you can be will bring clients

back time and time again.   Another thing that inspires me is a stylist that has passion, and are willing to grow in their craft.  A stylist who is passionate and willing to grow will not have limitations on becoming a successful business owner, or the best hair dresser they can be. I not only want a salon I want an Empire.  I don’t want any limitations in the beauty industry. I want to leave a footprint on this earth, and always be remembered.

Now the WHO’s – As you already know, to name a few, I’m inspired by my family and friends.  From my mom, down to my baby cousins. They all inspire me to grow and build something for our legacy that will be here for generations to come.  I’m inspired by salon workers, I love Kim Kimble, TT does it all (YouTube), teachers at Phagans Beauty School – Kaycee for her knowledge.  Karimah for her creativity. Penny for her knowledge of color, and Lolita for her business skills.  Motivational speakers that inspire me are Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, and Zig Ziegler to name a few.

  • What are your current business ventures?

My current business venture is educating people on living a healthy lifestyle. Soon, I plan on working with a foundation named Abby’s Closet. Abby’s Closet is a foundation that provides prom dresses to young ladies who would like of a prom dress, but can’t afford it. I will also be working to provide different hair techniques for these young ladies to wear on their big day.  One of my newest business ventures, will be working aside nursing homes/hospitals to provide care for senior citizens that are not able to leave their homes, or care for themselves. Part of my job will helping them look and feel good!

  • What advice would you give a new naturalista or makeup artist?

The advice I would give a new naturalista or makeup artist is to know your products, invest and believe in yourself. Never think you know everything.  Always be willing to grow, and have an open mind when it comes to the beauty industry because it changes yearly, monthly, weekly and sometimes daily.

  • What are your go-to hair and skin products?

For hair, I love the Infusium 23 product line (shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner). Silk Elements edge control. Jamaican Black castor oil, coconut oil (mixed). KeraCare Grease, Nairobi Wrap Shine Foam, and the entire Designer Essentials product line. For my skin, I use Neutrogena Visibly Even, and Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating foam scrub.  I also clean my face with Simple cleansing face wipes that are good for morning and night.

  • What is your self-care regimen?

My self-care regimen has always been to take care of my personal hygiene. I love to smell nice.  The perfumes I love are Calvin Klein and Sparkle White Diamond, to name a few.   I try to get massages 2-5 times a year (more if I am able).   I also make sure to get my nails and a pedicure done every 2 weeks. I encourage all stylists to take care of their body, because they are not only standing on their feet all day, but you are always using parts of your body that are weaker than others.   So, getting a pedicure bi-weekly is not only a treat for you, but it will keep your bones and joints healthy and flexible in the meantime.  I believe if you look good you will feel good.

  • What do you enjoy about living in the NW?

What I enjoy about living in the NW is the clean water, trees, and the clean air.  I also enjoy all the family I have living here in the NW with me. Last, but not least, all friends I have made, and all the new friends to come.


Well there you have it.  With people like LaNesha Lee in the NW, you can see why I keep telling ya’ll,  Don’t Sleep on the NW.  If you would like to connect LaNesha she can be reached on at or on Instagram  at

So if you now have a burst of motivation, or feel inspired by this blog post, let me know, and help me wish LaNesha Lee a Happy Birthday! Share this with your friends, family, and coworkers.  Pass this on via Social Media.  In this day in age, we all need inspiration. It’s helpful to know there are still good people in the world. People who genuinely care about others, and choose to share a piece of themselves, when they take the time to make us look and feed good. Yes people, some of those gems are in the NW!

Until next time!

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