Don’t Sleep on the NW! (part 1)

As my blog and social media presence continues to grow, I’ve decided it was now time to showcase some of the other powerhouses who lay their heads the NW.

I started this blog to let the rest of the world know that there is indeed naturals in the NW, particularly the Portland metro area. (contrary to popular belief).  Even though my area of the map is predominately Caucasian I feel other parts of the map skip over us because we don’t get to host the big natural hair shows, pop up shops, or natural hair conferences.  I am here to let you know we are not to be slept on.  2017 is already beginning show promise with the great networking that is happening among natural hair lovers either in person or online to promote natural hair care and hair health.  We are taking it upon ourselves to help inspire, motivate, and uplift our community one kinky, curly, coily head at a time.

I may be doing my thang with the brand OlenaRosanne but don’t get it twisted there are many, many more  curlfriends out there putting in work too.  They are working overtime to make sure our heads are healthy, protected, and stylish!  Get to know them because they want to get to know you!

Sa’Korya Avery – owner & operator of Diamond in the Rough Hair Spa

Sa’Korya specializes  in natural hair care for all ethnic groups along with natural hair products. I can not say enough good things about this hard working woman.  She has a true love for hair health, not just creating hairstyles.  Sa’Korya believes it is important that we all are aware of the ingredients that make up the products we put in or hair.  She understands there are a growing number of naturalistas discovering they are allergic to particular ingredients in the hair products they are accustomed to using.  So because of this there is a major need for more hair products that will  cater to those sensitivities. She is in the process of developing and hopefully manufacturing a natural hair care line that will meet these needs in our community.

Sa’Korya also is aware that there are a number of people of who have no idea how to take care of their own natural hair, or the hair of their loved ones.   Unfortunately, because of this they are opting for chemically treated tresses instead of what naturally grows out of their heads.    She believes education is important in the subject of natural hair health so she has been putting on natural hair care workshops throughout the community.

Sa’Korya also educates her own clients on the products she uses in their hair.  What a way to walk out of a salon: Elegant, Educated, and Motivated!  Speaking of motivation did I tell y’all this queen is one of the women who motivated me start this blog?  Yes indeed!! 🙂 That’s how we do it in the NW!

Below is a just few of the natural hairstyles she has created.


Please feel free to contact Sa’Korya Avery using the information below: 

Stay tuned for part 2  of the ‘Don’t Sleep on the NW series!’  Do you have any questions or comments out there?  Let me know and don’t forget to like, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE!

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