Kitchen oil on hair?

Check your kitchen for oil, but let me stop you right there, I’m not talking about vegetable oil.

Still don’t believe me?  Ok then, pay attention. Yes ma’am/sir you read right.  You need. To check. The kitchen.  What does that have to do with natural hair you may ask? Plenty.

The day I knew it was time to go back to natural hair, I didn’t have the beloved coconut oil and I was broke. I already determined I was going to do the Big Chop that day so I knew I needed an oil for my hair.   I also knew the hair grease I had in my bathroom was not going to do.  So I walked into the kitchen, opened a cabinet and there it was, Olive Oil.  Aww, problem solved!  I previously read great things on Pinterest about the benefits of olive oil used on natural hair.  I also remembered that is worked wonderfully on my scalp when I had dreadlocks in the past. So I knew I had found a winner!

When the air turns cold and dry, there are a few ways you can keep your hair looking and feeling it’s best. Adding oils into your winter hair regimen is a great way to boost the health of your hair & scalp, improve shine, and increase manageability.

Are you with me now?

Olive oil is a fat obtained from the olive (the fruit of Olea europaea; family Oleaceae), a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin. The oil is produced by pressing the whole olives.   According to Wikipedia, Olive oil is composed of more than 80% of oleic acid. Oleic acid  is an omega-9 fatty acid, and we all know how good omega-9 is for the heart!  Olive oil is also easily absorbed through the skin.  It’s been known to heal damage, reduce wrinkles and improve the texture of the skin.  So of course it would be good on the hair!  Right?

Also when doing research for this post. I learned something new.  I read that according to WebMD it’s a good idea to:

Check the bottle for a label from the North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA), a trade group that tests olive oils to see if they measure up to the manufacturer’s claims. The trade group tests olive oils to determine if they are what the labels say they are — and not adulterated or a mislabeled product. The International Olive Council (IOC) is the worldwide body that sets quality standards for the olive oil industry.

This is a great tip because who wants to put fake olive oil in their hair!  I guess that’s why it’s important to do your research!

hmm….No Label

As I mentioned before, I used olive oil on my scalp in the past (I also use it now).  It is a great moisturizing oil that naturally penetrates the scalp and hair shaft when used with water. It is great for dry scalp/dandruff, as a hot oil treatment, deep conditioner, pre-poo and when added to leave-in conditioners for extra moisture.

Olive oil is available everywhere.  Whether you make your purchases online or in person, you will never have a problem finding it. So instead or pouring coconut oil all over 2017, we may need to switch to olive oil! Is olive oil in your spray bottle? What oils are you using on your hair?

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