The Liebster Award – New Blogger Award

This post is a little different this week.  Why?  Because I was nominated for The Liebster Award!!!  So, of course I had to share with you details on it!

First off, The Liebster Award is a super special because it’s a blogger award, given to bloggers, by other bloggers.  When you are nominated, it means you are automatically recognized as receiving the award.  Nice huh!

I was nominated by Shahira Allen of  Afro Glory  all the way from London, England!  She happens to also be a Natural Hair Blogger, which makes this nomination extra special.  Thanks Curlfriend! Anyway, she has a great blog, so make sure you go check her out! Natural hair love is worldwide!

For full details on The Liebster Award please visit WordingWell This blog will give the official rules for The Liebster Award, along with many helpful tips for bloggers in general.  I will be making my nominations for this award at the end of this post so pay attention, this will be very helpful for my nominees.

The Rules:

  1.   Answer the questions you were asked.
  2.   Tag 11 people who have under 200 Twitter followers  *adding       Facebook followers / Email subscribers.
  3.   Create 11 new questions.
  4.   Recognize who tagged you.

My Nomination Questions & My Answers

Q1. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE QUOTE AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU.    One of my favorite quotes is from The Bible – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. PHILIPPIANS 4:13 NKJV   Whenever I feel  stressed, depressed, or my anxiety is high, this quote reminds me that I am strong.  It reminds me that I can get though any obstacle as long I remember where my help comes from. My faith has gotten me through the darkest of times, and it will continue to do so as long as I believe.

Q2. WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR FAVORITE BLOGGING MOMENT SO FAR?    It was guest blogging on for the Mother’s Day Blog Series.  That was my very first time guest blogging.  Also, I am a mother of 2, so it was like a Mother’s Day gift I will never forget!

Q3. WHICH BLOGGER WOULD YOU LIKE TO WORK WITH IN A COLLABORATION AND WHY?  (TAG THEM SO THEY KNOW)           I would love to collaborate with Edin of Pursuit Of Natural    Edin was one of the first members of my blogger community on WordPress.  She regularly supports my posts on Twitter and Google+ ,  and she blogs about natural hair as well.  I just have a lot of respect for her, and it would be great to collaborate at some point.

Q4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEAL?  I love all types of food, but my favorite is currently Vegetable or Shrimp Lo-Mein.  For some reason every now and then, I crave it!

Q5. YOU’VE WON AN ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP FOR 2 WEEKS TO A TRAVEL DESTINATION OF YOUR CHOICE! WHERE WOULD YOU GO?  That’s easy, I would go to Africa. Specifically Kumasi, Ghana the resting place of my late daddy (RIP)  My dad spoke highly of Ghana and felt like he was finally at peace and said he was  treated like a king.  I can not repay the people of Accra and Kumasi, Ghana enough for all they did for my dad.  It’s a beautiful place, full of beautiful people!  Going there would feel like I’m surrounded by family.

Q6. WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO BLOG?  It’s a form of self-care for me.  I love being able to express myself, share, motivate, and teach others.  I crave being listened to so it is nice to write something and know that it will be read  and appreciated by like-minded people.

Q7. YOU HAVE JUST MET A PR MANAGER LOOKING FOR NEW BLOGGERS JUST LIKE YOU! THEY ARE IN A HURRY THOUGH! SUMMARISE YOUR BLOG IN 1 SENTENCE: My blog is one of the ONLY blogs that shares natural hair tips, inspiration, and talent in Oregon, USA; which is why I am:  OlenaRosanne – Natural in the NW

Q8. WHAT IS YOUR MANTRA? (IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE IT TO BE?) I currently don’t have one, but if I did it would be: To show the world how beautiful natural hair is through images, information, and my honesty.

Q9. TELL ME 3 THINGS YOU LOVE ABOUT YOURSELF: Physically my hair, dimples, and the gap in my front teeth.

Q10. RECOMMEND A BOOK. The Bible.  Simply put, The Book of Life.

Q11. YOU CAN HAVE 1 HOUR ON THE PHONE TO ANYONE! WHO ARE YOU GOING TO CALL?  Michelle Obama.  I have so many questions for her.  Mainly I want tips on to endure  stress and negativity in a world that’s so unkind to black women.

My Questions for My Nominees (and My Answers)

Q1.  How did you come up with the name of your blog?  The name of my blog  OlenaRosanne – Natural in the NW is my real first and middle name put together – and I live in the Northwest Region of the United States.

Q2. What is your favorite color?  Purple

Q3.  What advice would you give new bloggers?  Read, read,  and read some more. Make sure you do your research, take notes,  and attend webinars if possible. The more you learn about blogging in general, the more your blog will grow. Keep an open mind, and never stop learning!

Q4.  Do you have any children?  Yes,  2 boys. Ages 23 and 9, and yes you read right! 🙂

Q5.  What was your favorite subject in school?  English/Writing

Q6.  Do you currently play or have you ever  played any instruments?  Yes I used to play the violin, cello, and flute.  I would love to learn how to play the piano.

Q7.  What are your hobbies outside of your blog?  Listening to Gospel/Christian music, gardening, reading, making beaded jewelry, and caring for my hair.

Q8.  Why did you decide to blog?  It was suggested to me by 2 different people.  Because I am naturally an introvert (until you get to  know me), I was shy and doubted myself initially.  But later, I decided to just go for it!  It was suggested that I blog on topics of Special Needs Advocacy, Mental Health Awareness,  Natural Hair, because these are topics that I have personal life experience in.  I now blend these topics into my Natural Hair Blog, YouTube, other social media accounts.

Q9.  What is your drink of choice?  Water

Q10.  What fruit flavor do you gravitate towards when choosing something to eat or drink?  Strawberry

Q11.  What nationality do you identify as?  African-American


Twitter: @ DaLoveLee1


Twitter:  @SpiritNdStyle

Travina Nerestant
Twitter:  @NACHOAVERAGEMA  aka Nacho Average Ma

Kayla Hightower
Twitter:  @KaylaHightower1

Twitter:  @Bieutiful_coils

Twitter:  @EdinPON
Pursuit of Natural

Twitter:  @Shyanne_Sstyles

Latreil Jackson
Twitter:  @Hey_MissJackson

Ashley C
Twitter:  @_QueeninJeans

La’Shelle Johnson
Twitter: @LaShelle_J

Please join me in congratulating and supporting these fellow bloggers, who are also Natural Hair Queens!  I have visited and subscribed their blogs and I hope you do so too.  It’s so amazing to see other strong female bloggers  with some of the same interests I have. Being a blogger is hard work, so it’s so important that we all support one another.  As I always say #QueensSupportQueens so please go check them out. Congratulations to ALL of my nominees!  I hope we all get to know each other and collaborate some day!

Until next time Curlfriends!

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