Natural Hair vs Racism

The United States as a whole is looking real unstable these days.  Especially with the recent, ugly events going on in Charlottlesville, VA.  I need you to understand racism has never left people!  It’s time to wake up, because this shouldn’t be a  surprise!   With so many people of color are now embracing their natural hair, the  negative comments are bound to happen now more then ever! Open discussion regarding your Natural hair vs Racism needs to happen and not be swept under the carpet.

Some may not agree with my words.  But I really don’t care!  I am an African-American female who decided after many years of chemically straightening my hair and having low self-esteem over my body, to begin embracing what God gave me.  He gave me my big lips, a big booty, and big hair. Nothing to be embarrassed over at all. And I love it all!  Unfortunately, there are still many in this world who do not, and have the nerve to make foul comments about it!

Real Talk

Many in the world are now threatened by the fact we are not shying away from our curls anymore.  It bothers them that we choose to embrace the things we used to try and cover up. It irritates them that we choose to wear our hair up and out the way it naturally grows. They claim it’s unprofessional and even try to control what hairstyles our children wear at school.

Back in the days we wanted silky, straight hair because it was seen as beautiful in America.  We wanted to have hair down to our butts, thinner noses, and a thigh gap because those were the type of females getting the most attention in media.

But guess what, some of us started to wake up and learn to love ourselves.  We started to realize we are, in fact, royalty the exact way we were born.  And guess what, media started to realize it too.  Now we got folks dying (literally) and taking ridiculous measures to have kinkier curls, darken their skin, get juicier lips, thicker thighs, and bigger booty.  This world is a trip!

The same things racists used to put us on display for, is now the same thing some of their own are trying so hard to get!  This is what scares them.  They are afraid of the power in our unity and realize as much as they try to mis-represent the Bible, we are not standing for that mess no more!

So Curlfriends, I say wear your Natural Hair proud!!  At the same time expect the foul comments that are sure to come now more than ever. When a racist decides to spit a negative comment in your face, or under your picture, remember how much Power you have and raise your head just a little bit higher! Smile at their own stupidity!


Pass this on guys. Share, like, comment, and subscribe.  I have plenty more to say on that subject and more. We need to show unity in the Natural Hair Community.  We have more power in numbers. There are people out there that are afraid to transition to natural hair just because they are worried about dumb, racist comments!  Let them know to not be afraid, but proud they are embracing their own culture and individuality.

2 thoughts on “Natural Hair vs Racism”

    1. Thank you so much Queen!! I get so many looks when I where my fro and some are nice, but a lot of others….not so much. We must continue to hold our heads high and be proud of who we are regardless.

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