Now what?

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend.

So if you are anything like me, your washday was adjusted and didn’t actually happen until after Christmas.  Now if you did your washday before the holiday you deserve a pat on the back because let me tell you, I didn’t feel like it.  It did feel good to wash my hair but when my washday process was complete, I looked in the mirror like …Now what?  I wanted to do a twist-out but didn’t feel like installing a million twists. After thinking about it I was like why not do a chucky twist-out?
So that’s what I decided to do.

Freshly washed hair

I put a total of  8 flat-twists in my hair.  I really didn’t care if the flat-twists were uniformed or not.  I didn’t even twist in the direction I wanted my hair to lay. I was just like, you know what it will be what it will be in the morning, and if all else fails I will just throw it in a puff.

Products used
8 flat twists

And the next day this was the finished look

Chunky Flat Twist-Out

Pretty good huh?  What hairstyle are you rocking this week?

4 thoughts on “Now what?”

  1. I love the twist out.I wish I could do that with my hair after a wash I have 4C hair. my hair would never come out looking like that.

    1. I think it is possible to get more definition than you may think.? Are you using any gel or setting lotion when you twist your hair?

  2. I love the twist out.I wish I could do that with my hair after a wash. I have 4C hair My hair texture would not never come out looking like that. I have shrinkage for reallllllll??

    1. Have you tried using a gel,setting lotion or mousse while twisting? Also many woman with 4C hair now prefer doing a 3-strand twist instead of the traditional 2-strand twist for super definition on their twist-outs!

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