Product Review | Shea Moisture African Black Soap Collection

When I first went back to being natural I knew from my Instagram feed and various YouTube Channels, Shea Moisture was/is a leader in the natural hair care industry.  Their products are made without these harmful ingredients:

·         Parabens

·         Phthalates

·         Paraffin

·         Mineral Oil

·         Petroleum

·         Formaldehyde

·         Propylene

So naturally the first product I tried, out side of coconut oil & water was one of their products. The Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. 

Shea Moisture didn’t stop at the Coconut & Hibiscus collections.  Oh, there are so many more!  Imagine my amazement when I noticed that just within their Bath & Body Products there are currently 19 different collections!  Let me say that again. A whopping 19 collections within their Bath & Body Products!  Come on now, that’s major!   Every time I turn around they are coming out with a new collection! Seriously.  This company takes their business and customer’s seriously!

So, on my latest Ulta Beauty haul it was only natural that I try something from one of their other collections.  I chose to go with products from the African Black Soap Collection.  Why?  This line had exactly what I was looking for at the time, African Black Soap. This soap is known for working miracles on skin all over social media!

When my sister (real), Darrina came to visit me and advised African Black Soap was the only cleanser she used on her face, it was a done deal!  The evidence was right in front of my face!

So, I purchased Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap and their Dandruff Control Hair Masque in that same collection.

I’ve been having issues with adult acne and scaring lately, and I never had acne during my younger years so I was desperate for positive skin results!  When I think about it, I haven’t washed my face with bar soap since I was a child.  To be honest, I was nervous because I never liked the way bar soap made my skin feel, but I took the plunge and tried it.  In my opinion the African Black Soap brightened my face almost instantly! It literally left my face squeaky clean! The scent is pleasant, a little goes a long way, and it is affordable!  After washing my face I used my daily moisturizer and left my bathroom a happy camper! My face looked and felt great!  It didn’t tight or ashy looking.  I cannot explain how much healthier my skin looks after only using this product a week!  Simply put, mission accomplished!

Recently the dandruff and itchy/flaky scalp I have fought with on and off throughout my life came back!  Rearing its ugly head!  We all know that the 2 W’s: water & winter play a major part in hair and scalp health during this time of the year.  So, since I needed extra help in this area I wanted a hair masque that would assist me with this issue. The Shea Moisture African Black Soap Dandruff Control Hair Masque sounded like relief in a jar!  You want to know something?  It was!

First off with ingredients like water, tea tree oil, shea butter, aloe vera you can’t go wrong! Including added benefits of willow bark extract – a natural exfoliate. 

So, I put it to the text last washday, and a week later it has  passed with flying colors!  The masque has a pleasant scent that is not overwhelming. The consistency is creamy and thick. It melts on to the hair and scalp with ease. My hair & scalp was left with a cool & clean sensation without feeling stripped. Also, a little goes a long way.   My hair and scalp absolutely loved it!  I went through an entire week with minimal itching and No Flakes!!  It is my opinion that my hair and scalp will improve as time goes on.  So the Shea Moisture African Black Soap Dandruff Control Hair Masque is now a welcome part of my natural hair care regimen!

So, there you have it!  My honest opinion on 2 Shea Moisture products. I hope you found this unpaid review helpful. Let me know in the comments if you have tried these products before or not.  Also, if there are any other product you use to combat adult acne & dandruff.  Feel free to like, comment, and share this post.  Knowledge is power.  Also don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on weekly posts. 



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