Scalp Health

When your scalp is itching like it’s been attacked by 50 mosquitoes, and your head is full of an avalanche of flakes, what do you do? Well to address the issue, you need to learn a thing or two.  Like why/how did your scalp get into that condition in the first place!

This is when educating yourself becomes a major key in making the proper changes needed to improve the health of your scalp.

So, first things first.  Since the scalp is skin, just like any other part of the body, our dead skin cells naturally shed daily. Shedding must happen so the new skin cells have a chance at life.  Basically, the new skin is the baby fresh skin that we all want!  Without shedding we would all be walking around looking a hot mess!   Unfortunately, when new skin cells are blocked, it is due to clogged follicles.  From there, it creates a snowball effect of scalp issues.

Hair follicles are the sacs in the skin the hair grows from.  It surrounds the hair like a casing on a piece of sausage.  The follicles are attached to the sebaceous gland, which is a gland that produces sebum (our natural oil) to lubricate the hair shaft.  Hair follicles are also attached to muscle fibers- that help the hair grow away from the skin.

Various factors contribute to hair follicles getting clogged:

  1. Sweating which causes salt to build on scalp if not washed out
  2. Dry Climate
  3. Heredity
  4. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  5. Various medical conditions
  6. Some prescription medications
  7. Stress
  8. Fluctuating hormones
  9. Diet
  10. Using the wrong hair/skin products.

People of African descent genetically produce less sebum then others so we have to combat that best we can by using a natural oil. Research shows a great oil to try is jojoba oil, which is structurally close to our natural sebum, and can be easily be absorbed into the scalp.  Also try humectants in your hair regimen like honey, castor oil, propylene glycol, aloe vera gel, and glycerin. Humectants promote moisture retention which is exactly what’s needed to prevent dry scalp.

Please stay away from mineral oil and grease/petroleum jelly because all that does is the clog the pores.

Avoid using products that contain alcohol, sulfur, and formaldehyde. They all strip moisture from the hair and will quickly dry out your scalp.

Helpful items to have handy at home or abroad, is a clarifying shampoo, ACV Rinse, or a Bentonite Clay Mask treatment.  These items will wash away styling products that collect on the scalp and clog follicles between wash days.

We have to keep in mind that our scalp is skin.  The best way to nourish our skin is by working from the inside out.  That is why our water consumption is highly important.  If we don’t get it right on the inside of our bodies, how do we expect the outside to behave?

Also giving your scalp a massage with a  scalp massage/shampoo brush  is a great way exfoliate while sending new blood to your scalp .  This is not only relaxing, but it is also a great to  promote the growth of new cells on your scalp.  This will encourage a healthier scalp and promote new hair growth.  I currently use a shampoo brush by Motions , I received in my February 2017 Curlbox and I LOVE it!  

So I hoped you learned a little something.  We have to be nice to our scalp if we want it to be nice to us. Let me know if you agree witht his post by liking, sharing, commenting , and subscribing.  I am interested in knowing how you take care of your scalp.  Sharing is caring!  Until next time, take care everyone!

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