The Multi-Tasking Naturalista

These days being an adult means you are probably wearing way more hats in life than you were planning on wearing! Can I get an Amen?!   In between a career, bills, parenting, and education.  We also need to fit time in for overall health, friends, family, faith.  These are the facts of life!
Keeping a balance can be overwhelming.  Come on now, we are not machines, are we?  We are human.  We make mistakes, and if we are smart we learn to grow from our mistakes.  Part of growing is realizing that even though we want to put all our attention on one thing, and just concentrate on that; we’re capable of doing more than one thing at a time, and give ourselves credit for it.   Yes, it is possible to multi-task without going crazy! This is coming from a person who suffers from anxiety… so I know what I’m talking about!
For example, the other morning my anxiety was at an all-time high.  Being a mom of a child with special needs means I am ALWAYS multi-tasking!  But I don’t always give myself credit for it.  It’s so easy to get caught up in feeling stretched thin, and how it would be great to just do one thing at a time. But let me tell you, I thought about it a little differently later that day.
It was rough, getting my son out to his bus stop seemed like I was on trial for a crime I didn’t commit.  I was sad & angry at the same time.  Seeing red, with tears coming from my eyes.  But you know what, I took the energy I had left and decided to use it.  It was washday so I decided to wrap up my hair while pre-pooing.  Then of course I  was still irritated, so I decided to take it out on the air and work through a kick-boxing video.  What a great way to beat up the negative thoughts that were running through my head!
While I was punching, and kicking away like a mad woman, I looked over to my fish tank.  Looking at the beauty of my fish swimming around effortlessly, without a care in the world.  Listening to the calming sound of water flowing from the water pump, in the background of the kickboxing music.  I thought about how blessed I was to be alive and see this beautiful sight.   Appreciating the God given nature and serenity.
Can you picture what I just described?  I know you can!  Do you get what I mean?  Let me break it down.  In a matter of an hour, I just:
  1. Pre-poo’d my hair- adding body heat from exercising
  2. Exercised- Kickboxing video
  3. Self-Care – care of my hair, body, & mind
  4. Mindfullness – tuned out the kickboxing music & worries, and tuned in to the sound of the fish tank and the sight of my fish swimming.
  5. Faith –  Thought of God’s blessing of life and nature
  6. Calmed Down – The  serene sight of my fish tank and my cool down session at the end of video with deep breathing.
Now you see what I’m talking about? I just multi-tasked some very important things. It is possible!  No matter how big or small the items are, it doesn’t matter.Multi-tasking doesn’t always have mean stress.  It can also mean well-being.  Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you all.  How do you multi-task?  Do you have any suggestions?  Talk to me.  Leave a comment, like, and share this with your friends and family.  We are all in this thing called life together.  And hey, don’t forget to Subscribe.  Until next time!



One thought on “The Multi-Tasking Naturalista”

  1. Thanks for sharing this story. I’ve been struggling with balance lately, as far as taking on several side hustles. The things that are not totally in my control but I still have to deal with are what frustrate me the most. It’s important to create the mental space for these moments you describe, and that only happens by taking physical steps–change location, eat, exercise, pause. It’s not easy to step away from the grind, for fear of falling behind somehow, but like you said you have to give yourself credit for just how much you are accomplishing, big and small, and then give yourself a break.

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