To Gel or Not To Gel?

Oh, has hair gel developed into a more efficient and healthy product than in earlier years. Back in the days it seemed like every gel had alcohol in it, and because we were trying to be cute we started losing hairs from our beloved edges. Then there was the issue of flakes forming because it dried our scalp out so much. We just had to make our edges look as if they grew out of our scalp straight and tamed! Trust me, I was guilty of this too.  Anyway, we were all elated when Let’s Jam came out. In my opinion it was the perfect combination of gel plus hair grease. Even better it smelled like candy! Also I used to think that the Brown Ampro Pro Styl gel  worked wonders & it was more importantly available at Dollartree!  The downer was that it left a brown residue once it dried.  After that I noticed a lot of Naturals were using Eco Styler Olive Oil gel and were getting great results. It appeared to be a favorite!  So, of course I gave it a try, and course I loved it!  I got no residue, or flaking.  Also I could purchase a huge jar of it for a decent price at Sally’s, Amazon, or my local Walgreens.  Now recently I have found out it may not mix as well as I would like it to with some creme leave in conditioners, but that’s another topic for another day.

Why do we choose to use hair gel when it is not always good for our hair?  Is it because it assists in molding our hair in ways leave in conditioners can’t?  More times than not, you will be able to whip your hair exactly into the shape you want in. Who doesn’t want their curls to behave, or at least attempt to make them behave. Hair gel helps tame the frizz and fly-aways.  It also slicks, and sets your hair in place. Formulas can range from a light hold to an extra hold. Just think of it as a hair spray that you don’t actually spray, but instead apply with your fingers.

A good gel will enhance your curl definition and give a great shine to your hair.   If your gel makes your hair look ashy then it’s time to trash it!  Ash belongs in a fireplace, not in your hair!  A great gel will create a cast or armor over your hair.  But with any armor it must come off at some point so you want to make sure your gel rinses off well with water, shampoo, or co-wash.  You also want your gel to last for at least 3 days without having to re-apply it. You should be able to add a little water to your hair where the gel was originally applied, then gently smooth  it down with fingers or toothbrush.   Next tie your hair down with a silk or satin scarf until dry for hold that is as good as the first day you applied the gel.  Look for gels with added vitamins, nutrients, and oils.  Just say no to gels with harsh chemicals because usually your hair or scalp will pay a hefty price sooner or later.

From my own personal experience, you must experiment a little to find what gel works for you. Just because you think you have the same hair type as your best friend, who uses a certain gel, doesn’t mean that same gel is going to work for you.  I strongly suggest you just pay attention to your own hair.  Curls are like business.  It’s better to mind yours, not everyone else’s.

The #1 rule to remember before putting any gel on your hair is to make sure your hair it thoroughly moisturized. Also, the #1 moisturizer is water, even a water based leave-in conditioner will do. Do you use gel in your hair?  Why or why not?  What product line has the best formula in your opinion? Talk to me, and remember to like, comment, and Subscribe!


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